G-Star RAW X Sergio Herman Utility Collection


If you own or work in a restaurant, café or coffee shop or any other place that makes great food the latest project by G-Star RAW is just the thing for you. The Dutch denim brand has collaborated with the 3 star Michelin star chef Sergio Herman to create a cuisine utility collection that is set to change your perception of people that work and make their living by working in a kitchen.

Sergio Herman closed the doors of his very successful restaurant Oud Sluis in 2013 in the Netherlands. Today Sergio Herman and Nick Bril are the owners of The Jane. Their new restaurant opened its doors on March 25 in Antwerp. In a collaborative effort between themselves and Sergio Herman, G-Star Raw rethinks its RAW denim for the team of this restaurant ‘The Jane’. This is a collaborative project that will add an extra amount of cool to the atmosphere in restaurants and restaurant kitchens.

The G-Star RAW Utility is an ultra-functional clothing line that is made up of six pieces. The RAW Utility-Cuisine collection was designed for the entire team including the chef, waiters and sommelier. Herman brought the cool side of denim to these pieces suitable for tasks in the kitchen. He tested each piece and optimized their functionality including the addition of special pockets for utensils and still make them look great for anyone to wear.


The collection is available especially for restaurant owners; apply for a personal viewing of the entire G-Star RAW Utility collection that includes a professional package offer for your restaurant.


2 thoughts on “G-Star RAW X Sergio Herman Utility Collection

  1. I am currently looking for available white utility blazers in this collection in the xxl size.
    Where would i locate them.
    Thank you for your help.

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