Tanner Goods X Danner Mountain Light McKenzie Boot


A great pair of boots just like a great pair of jeans will look better with age, because leather just like denim has the great quality of aging beautifully. Tanner Goods has partnered with Danner to design and produce a special make of the Mountain Light silhouette. The boots look amazing and showcase the high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that has resulted from the collaboration.

“We‰ have never been shy about our love of the Pacific Northwest landscape.To honour that love, and make sure we do it justice in our on-going explorations, we’ve partnered again with Danner to design a special makeup of the Mountain Light silhouette  one that’s suited to the rugged topography of the place we call home.”

The boots are hand crafted in the USA to Danner’s exacting standards and they are built to be able to withstand anything you throw at them. They are made of Rich Moc Latigo leather by Horween and feature a Vibram Sierra Outsole and Danner’s signature ability to take a beating and look better because of it.



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