G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2013

G-Start Raw’s Fall/Winter 2013 stays true to the brands very technical and military inspired look. Although G-Star Raw’s denim offering is not necessarily raw denim but denim which is given a raw look and laundered through special techniques to ensure that your dark denim stays dark even as you wear it they do appeal to a particular customer. This season the jeans are given slim tapered looks and oversized back pockets as well as drop crotches on some of the jeans the emphasis seems to be on a slim silhouette and a great fit. The jeans are also available in dark washes with coated finishes that give them a shine and pre-distressed finishes that give the jeans that good old fashioned worn look. The women’s jeans are also available in a variety of washes and come in slim skinny fit to ensure that they look great when you are wearing them.
G-Start Raw’s outerwear is always a hit and they offer a very impressive collection of jackets, coats and denim jackets with great fits and are a true reflection of their military inspired philosophy. Their outerwear is available in both men and women’s style in dark colours such as black, dark blue and olive green.
G-Star also recently announced a collaborative release with Sergio Pizzorno which features their jeans with tapered legs and oversized back pockets and will only be limited to 150 pairs. This exclusive collaborative release will be available exclusively through Selfridges which will carry 100 of the pairs and the other 50 pairs will be made available online.














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