EDWIN x SURFTIGER Spring/Summer 2017


Edwin Europe has teamed up with SURFTIGER for a capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2017. The collection consits of Shorts and Tees, inspired by the golden years of Californian surf from the 60’s and 70’s, thanks to SURFTIGER Surfboards.

With a childhood full of skating, grafitti and surfing, Kimetz naturally found the art of shaping boards, learning his craft in backyards, garages and streets.


Today, SURFTIGER produce surfboards, handcrafted in the Basque Country, specialising in traditional shaping and glassing for a modern era.

The latest collaboration not only taps into the vintage spirit of surfing, but it’s also part of a new ambitious and creative generation, the new wave of ‘retrofuture’.



Available at EDWIN Stores, select retailers and online.


-Brandon Msimanga

I am the Managing Editor of Enjeanuity,

I am passionate about Denim, Design and



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