The latest wearable F-ABRIC showpieces are produced using rugged and absolutely non-see-through top material, the FREITAG Broken Twill is made of flax and true hemp from Normandy.

As dense as the materials may be, F-ABRIC is transparent in all other areas: If you’re looking for textiles which are cotton-free and non-toxic, where every step in the production process takes place within a 2500-kilometer radius of Zurich, and that will one day decompose completely on a domestic compost heap, you have to make them yourself from scratch. FREITAG knows all its suppliers and producers as well as the ingredients of their fabrics and their production methods.

And if we manage to get by without expensive certification, we are happy – if anyone asks us – to provide information about everything from the fibers we use to the finished garment. Except the shoe sizes of our seamstresses in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland. And that applies to all our clothes.


Photo credit: Nadine Ottawa

Brandon Msimanga

I am the managing editor of Enjeanuity. I am passionate about denim, design and craftsmanship.

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