G-Star RAW Footwear Collection

161M footwear


G-Star Footwear keeps it fresh and bright with a collection of monochromatically coloured styles and introduces a new Scuba sneaker for men and a range of denim heels and wedges for women.

Boots, sneakers, sandals and derbies have all received the single-colour treatment. The thought behind the collection was to highlight the shoes in their purest form, painting every detail in one colour, from eyelets to laces to sole to place full focus on silhouette. Note the white-out styles, a staple for every wardrobe this season.

The Scuba sneaker is a new men’s style that takes inspiration from diving boots, merging rubber with neoprene for a high-tech meets street look. Also available in the monochromatic colourways, the colour strategy draws attention with minimalism.

Ever dedicated to challenging the conventions of denim, G-Star has taken the fabric to footwear. The range of women’s heels and wedges are made in Italy with handmade outsoles, and feature Herringbone denim and chambrays from the clothing collections.



#GStarRAW #justtheproduct


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