master-piece x FULLCOUNT

master-piece the Osaka-based bag maker has hooked up with Japanese denim label FULLCOUNT to design and make available to the public an exclusive collection of backpacks, totes and messenger bags for its SS 2016 collection.

FULLCOUNT was founded in 1993, by the times large vintage boom, vintage jeans attracted a lot of attention, era details, such as discoloration due to aging has been immense focus.

The Owner and Designer, Mikiharu Tsujita is an avid advocate for the Zimbabwean grown cotton due to its quality and used a lighter 10 ounce. weight for the bags, giving it supplementary plasticity.

The collection of  backpacks, totes and messenger bags, sees a combination of tones from dark to light denim, complemented by master-piece’s high-quality craftsmanship and eye-catching details in the design. For a behind the scenes look at the process, view the video below.

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