Indigo People Spring 2016 Collection


Merging traditional craftsmanship and antique textile designs with an authentic jeans attitude to create unique pieces that are unmissable for the contemporary denim outfits, this forms the base for each Indigo People’s collection.

Taking inspiration from vintage Shibori and Sashiko textiles, traditional Japanese patterns are recreated by using authentic weaving techniques like ikat. Unlike Shibori which is a tie-dye technique on finished items, the patterns are tied on the weaving yarns to resist dye. The tied yarns are dipped into natural indigo up to 20 times to create a deep blue indigo color. The highly experienced artisans then weave the patterns directly on the handloom. The ultimate pieces that are created with this technique are the Haru, Hiba, Jiro and Aki.


The Sashiko embroidery techniques are simulated by using multiple weaving yarns that are laid into the warp during weaving. The ecru and light blue ‘stitchings’ create a highly decorative and tangible texture in the Yori that highlights its authenticity.

The open construction and the simplicity of the Minori and Senjo embody the timeless spirit of jeanswear. These easy and comfortable pieces are  the perfect items for completing an authentic denim outfit.

Silk has been used in the past as base material in clothing for the wealthy class of the society because of its rich and sophisticated look and the highly labor intensive production process. In this spring 2016 collection Indigo People uses this delicate material to create 2 gem pieces; the Amagi with a simple rain pattern and the Hiba with its highly graphic design, get a total new dimension caused by the richness of this graceful material. It takes up to 5 days to weave 1 single piece due to the ultra fine weaving yarns.

A new area that Indigo People starts to explore in this season is the handmade ties. Handwoven ikat fabrics with an authentic design, dyed in natural indigo, are manually cut and stitched to form patchworks. The jeans attitude of the Fuji, Ibuki and Yari gives a casual touch to a formal outfit and a dressed up feel to a denim look.

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