G-Star X Boiler Room: Raw Sessions

G-Star x Boiler Room : Raw Session

What happens when you take an underground artist (on the cusp of breaking out to all your friends new favourite), have a rapidly-rising young director capture them on film, then have them perform and broadcast it across the world?

Denim brand G-Star RAW and Boiler Room are creating just this, in the collaborative RAW Sessions. Both a series of global events and short films, RAW Sessions will pinpoint and unite the frontier of musical and directorial talents in a journey from London to Barcelona, Paris, and Johannesburg.

Each city will host a live music broadcast curated by Boiler Room, while the films capture an on-the-ground insight of each artist’s life in the metropolis they call home. Responding to the question asked by G-Star’s Autumn/Winter ’15 campaign ‘How do you wear yours?’ (in reference to jeans), the series will champion each artist’s style – their music, what they wear, their attitude…

First up was London on 7 October. Then Paris (20.10), Johannesburg (28.10) and Barcelona (12.11). Set to play at these events are: Neverland Clan, Skinny Girls Diet, Manaré, NSDos, Piu Piu, Azamat, Boyzn Bucks, DJ Lag and many more.

                               A Global Event Series Revealing Tomorrow’s Creators, Today.

The London video can be viewed here:

You can listen to the G-Star RAW Boiler Room Sessions London here:


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