FREITAG’s F-ABRIC DENIM is 100% Biodegradable


Denim jeans are back where the name came from: Europe. Denim from “de Nîmes” and jeans from “Gênes”, French for Genoa. But enough of the etymology and back to F-acts that have been tested at the factory. Thanks to new F-ABRIC denim from FREITAG, we finally have rugged, five-pocket jeans without rivets or polyester thread made in Europe using European bast fibers true hemp and linen. Naturally 100% compostable.

Freitag is launching their first line of denim in the slim fitting E100 jeans for women and the E500 jeans for men. They are available in dark blue denim and black denim.


Photo cred: Yves Bachmann


Phot cred: Pascal Grob

Denim_Twill_HighResE100_FABRIC_Jeans-Female_Blue_0011_ONanzig_HighResE500_FABRIC_Jeans-Male_Blue_0001_ONanzig_HighResE500_FABRIC_Jeans-Detail_0001_ONanzig_HighResE500_FABRIC_Jeans-Detail_0003_ONanzig_HighResPhoto cred: Oliver Nanzing


  • Grown and produced in Europe, designed and tested at the FREITAG Factory
  • Made of robust denim twill, developed by FREITAG and manufactured from sustainably produced bast fibers (81 % linen and 19 % true hemp). A masterpiece found nowhere else in the world of fashion and textiles. The material for men’s pants weighs a whole 19 oz. while the women’s tips the scales at 17 oz.
  • Classic five-pocket cut
  • Customizable metal buttons that can be unscrewed and reused
  • Once the buttons have been removed, the DENIM is 100% biodegradable because the yarn, the herringbone lining and the logo label can all  be composted
  • The moisture- and thermo-regulating, antibacterial and antisynthetic fibers make them more comfortable to wear
  • The material corresponds to Product Class I of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Rugged selvage and lap seams protect edges and heavy-wear areas
  • Available in Dark Blue and Black

Launch: E500 MALE DENIM  August 27, 2015 /  E100 FEMALE DENIM October, 2015

Available: at FREITAG Stores, selected resellersand

Price: CHF 240.- / EUR 190.- / USD 245.- / GBP 180.-


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