Cone Mills Introduce Their 100% US Grown Natural Indigo Denim


Cone Mills will be introducing their 100% US Grown Natural Indigo Denim. This will be the first time in 100 years that natural indigo is being used in scalable production in over 100 years. Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes has revealed this exciting news through her blog. This information was revealed at Denim PV in May.

At this summer’s Kingpins trade show in New York, Cone are presenting this heritage White Oak denim as part of the celebration of White Oak’s 110th anniversary. Kara Nicholas from the esteemed American denim supplier is excited too:

This is one of our most exciting developments,” she says. “The celebration of White Oak’s 110 year anniversary made this the perfect time to bring together White Oak’s heritage and authentic selvedge denims with new innovation in bio-based natural dyes. As far as we know, this is the first time that natural indigo has been used in scalable production in the United States in over 100 years.”

Cone Mills has worked closely with Stony Creek to develop a unique natural indigo dye that is that is both bio based and scalable for production. Cone Mills has acquired the rights to Stony Creek Colours’ entire US crop of natural indigo for the next several years.

The shade is bright and clear with a greenish cast and the sample denim has a plain white selvedge ID.

via Denimhunters


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