Indigo People Autmn/Winter 2015 Lookbook

We’ve just received the Autumn / Winter 2015 lookbook from our friends at Indigo People.
In this collection Indigo People keep exploring the traditional weaving and indigo dyeing techniques. Each product is an ultimate mixture of authentic texture, rich indigo color and authentic design that is handcrafted by passionate artisan following a long tradition and labor intensive process. Indigo People’s mission is to create unique products for indigo lovers and helping the artisanal weavers to maintain their endangered traditions.
IndigoPeople_Hotaka_Scarf_2IndigoPeople_Omono_Scarf_1IndigoPeople_Nogata_Scarf_2IndigoPeople_Nogata_Scarf_1IndigoPeople_Mibu_Scarf_2IndigoPeople_Hotaka_Scarf_1IndigoPeople_Kanrai_Scarf_1IndigoPeople_ Iwaki_ Scarf_2IndigoPeople_ Iwaki_ Scarf_1

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