G-Star RAW Tight Or Wide Campaign

Campaign 15-1 Image

For their Spring/Summer ’15 campaign, G-Star RAW has captured this essence of jeans and expressed it through their diverse range of styles and fits. As the brand housing a perfect jean for every body, G-Star enlisted Ellen von Unwerth to photograph the campaign, a natural fit in itself with her affinity for denim and forte with the female subject.

The campaign shows the spectrum of jeans offered by G-Star. With men’s and women’s styles that span skinny to loose, raw to distressed, dark indigo to chalk white, timely to timeless –the brand’s mastery of denim is clear. Women’s jeans are a particular strength of the brand, having extensively researched the details (from the perfect shape, size and placement of back pockets and side seams, to the ideal shape of waistbands) for the ultimate flattering fit. The girls of the campaign show just how good the right pair of jeans can look, a theme perfected by von Unwerth herself.

G_Star_RAW_Campaign_Spring_Summer_2015_(Branded)_1 G_Star_RAW_Campaign_Spring_Summer_2015_(Branded)_2 G_Star_RAW_Campaign_Spring_Summer_2015_(Branded)_3 Main

This post is sponsored by our friends at Vivid Luxury.


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