Nudie Jeans x Oi Polloi Grim Tim Dry Rainbow


Swedish denim craftsmen Nudie Jeans team up with British retailer Oi Polloi on a special version of their famed Grim Tim silhouette. Based around the brand’s rainy hometown of Göteborg, the Dry Rainbow takes on the oft-seen reflection of neon lights on wet streets at night. The collaborative jeans are constructed in Italy of 100% organic, 14 oz. ring-spun Japanese selvage denim and come individually numbered. Each Dry Rainbow features a back pocket embroidery with the spectrum of the rainbow, while the selvage stripe on the inside seam also translates the same colors. The fabric is woven on old shuttle looms set at the original speeds, and made using the crunch weaving technique. The fabric is then slow-dyed to let the indigo turn a darker shade.

Look for the Nudie Jeans x Oi Polloi Grim Tim Dry Rainbow at the Manchester retailer and online on February 26, limited to 200 pairs.

nudie-jeans-oi-polloi-grim-tim-dry-rainbow-04-1917x1280 nudie-jeans-oi-polloi-grim-tim-dry-rainbow-02-1917x1280 nudie-jeans-oi-polloi-grim-tim-dry-rainbow-01-1917x1280 nudie-jeans-oi-polloi-grim-tim-dry-rainbow-05-1920x1280

by Daivd Shuck from

Images Provided by rawrdenim


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