Nudie Jeans Spring 2015 Denim Accessories


Nudie Jeans latest collection for Spring 2015, they will be releasing a line of denim accessories. Using dry, selvage denim, a collectively praised textile used formidably by the company and consumers alike – the idea to cater to commuters, weekend travelers and professionals was one that seemed easy to consummate. Denim rucksacks, canvas bags, travel, and pencil cases work in unison with vegetable-tanned leather to develop a rich patina over time and fade with prolonged use. All styles are now available at the Nudie Jeans online store.

nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-02nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-03nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-04 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-05 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-06 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-07 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-08 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-09 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-10 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-11 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-12 nudie-jeans-spring-2015-denim-accessories-13

Images sourced from Highsnobiety


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