Alexa Chung for AG Spring 2015

alexa-chung-collaborates-with-ag-jeans-body-image-1421325247 The much anticipated collaborative collection between Alexa Chung and AG (Adriano Goldschmied) Jeans. The collection is an embodiment of both the style of Alexa Chung and AG Jeans and their love for vintage styles and Alexa Chung’s slight quirk. Alexa herself says The collection is inherently the missing pieces of my dream wardrobe, which as ever, is predominantly inspired by a late Sixties, early Seventies aesthetic. You can see pieces that could not only belong in Alexa’s wardrobe but yours as well. From overalls in the classic take and short versions to button-down skirts and edgy styles with an exposed zip, the styles are cool and versatile. The team didn’t just stop there. Expect dresses and t-shirts to go along with denim as well. You can see the full collection below which is currently available at Adriano Goldschmied stores. tumblr_ni16t9h4D91r02rbso1_500


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