Tenue de Nimes Presents: Journal de Nimes Nº11


Tenue de Nimes is proud to present Journal de Nimes Nº11-The Future Issue. In the latest journal Tenue de Nimes presents the brands that capture everything that they feel is required to be successful in the 21st century. ACNE Studios (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) is considered to be one of such brands. They started off as a design agency conceptually exploring the do’s and don’ts of contemporary denim design. Today ACNE is considered to be one of Europe’s most successful ready-to-wear fashion labels and the brand literally creates future (denim) trends.

In the journal Tenue de Nimes has curated a selesction of brands thasr successfully use old production techniques in our contemporary world. Journal de Nimes Nº11 also introduces the first full season of the Tenue de Nimes denim and apparel brand. All in all this is a feature packed journal that will be appreciated by lovers of denim and design.


You can check the Tenue de Nimes  Journal de Nimes Nº11 out here.


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