Denim Dudes: Street Style Vintage Workwear Obsession By Amy Leverton


Denim Dudes is a street style book with a difference.

As well as featuring key players in the global denim business, such as Jason Denham (Denham), François Girbaud, (Marithé + François Girbaud), Adriano Goldschmied (Diesel, 7 For All Mankind) and Kenichi and Kenji Shiotani (Warehouse Japan), it also explores the very best and latest denim styling on the street, from bikers to vintage dealers and store owners. Exclusive photography for the book was shot in Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, LA, Milan, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, Melbourne, Gothenburg and Sydney.

This inspirational title will appeal not just to designers and fashion professionals but to a public increasingly obsessed with the world of denim. It offers unrivalled insight into the stylish and sometimes eccentric ‘dudes’ involved in this fascinating and diverse industry.

denim dudes

denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-03 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-02 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-04 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-05 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-06 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-11 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-10 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-09 denim-dudes-a-book-on-street-style-vintage-workwear-obsession-08

Post written by Laurence King Publishing Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2015

Images Sourced from Hypbeast

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