G-STAR RAW Women’s Night


Most women dread the thought of shopping for a pair a of jeans because of how difficult in can be to find a pair of jeans that fit the right. When it comes to denim for women three things are important and they are fit fit and fit!! G-Star RAW addresses this problem by ensuring that they make jeans that are suitable for women and fit perfectly regardless of their body type. The G-Star women’s nights are a platform to help women find the perfect form flattering and hip hugging jeans and to let them know that shopping for jeans can be a great experience.

While trends come and go, every woman deserves her perfect pair of jeans. G-Star Women’s Nights are where that answer lies. The Women’s Nights will provide an exciting event dedicated to matching each lady with her faultless fit. Offering a spectrum of fits that range from Super Skinny to Boyfriend in a wide range of denims, colours and washes-this is the brand holding your wardrobe staple.

A leader in the denim industry, G-Star RAW has built a reputation for both craftsmanship and innovation. As head of women’s design Rebekka Bach explains,

My teams focus is to innovate with materials and fits that have a figure enhancing effect. For example, the right placement of seams will determine whether your legs  will look skinnier and longer and the right back pockets have a lifting effect.

As part of  South Africa’s edition of the global G-Star RAW Women’s Nights initiative, guests will be assisted in finding their new favourite jeans by a pair of local style connoisseurs. In Johannesburg girl on the ground Thithi Ntheta of Teeteeiswithme  and Die Antwoord dancer/style icon Tarryn Alberts will open up their treasure troves of jeans advice. In Cape Town, creator and editor of Fashion Breed Aqeelah Harron and artist/stylist Anelisa Mangcu will bring their denim expertise.

G-Star RAW has created this video in anticipation of the Johannesburg Women’s Night.

With the reputation for late night fun following their RAW Nights in these cities, the G-Star RAW Women’s Nights are set to be unmissable events.

Event details:

Women’s Night Johannesburg:      27th November 2014

Women’s Night Cape Town:          4th December 2014

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G-Star RAW event

Brandon Msimanga

Co-Founder and Managing Editor at Enjeanuity

BCom Honours Business Management student at the University of Pretoria in South Africa

I am passionate about both the history and the future of denim.


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