Nudie Jeans Presents Steady Eddie in 18 Oz Japan Dry Selvage


When the co-founder and creative director of Nudie Jeans Co Maria Erixon laid eyes on and felt the uneven hand of the Kaihara Mills selvage denim 13 years ago she fell in love. This is actually one of the reasons why Nudie exists today.

In order to pay homage to the craftsmanship of of Kaihara Mills and the selvage denim that started it all Nudie Jeans Co has just released the Steady Eddie in 18 Oz Japan Dry Selvage. This pair of jeans is Nudie’s heaviest denim offering to date and will have a limited run of 1000 pairs with each pair being individually numbered. Each pair of jeans is spun, woven and manufactured at Kaihara Mills in Japan using organically grown Turkish cotton. Each of the Steady Eddie pairs have taken five to six days of cutting, sewing and inspection and is made using 2,6 metres of selvage, 2,45 metres of thread, 6 rivets and four silver plated buttons.

The jeans come in a special Unica box, with a booklet that contains calligraphies and a poster all wrapped in a Tengui organic cotton Japanese cotton towel.

Steady-Eddie-Dry-Heavy-Japan-Selvage-770x515Steady-Eddie-Dry-Heavy-Japan-Selvage-side-back-fit-770x515unnamed (1)unnamed (2)

Price: $350 USD

The jeans are now available at Nudie’s online shop and at Nudie Jeans repair shops.


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