Big John Denim MA-1 Jacket


Big John has been making great denim from Japan for many years and have established themselves as one of the best brands to ever do it by continuously pushing the envelope. As part of their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection they have released the Denim MA-1 Jacket. The MA-1 Jacket was originally designed by the United States Air Force in the 1950s in the era that led to the birth of the jet plane. Big John Denim have given us their interpretation of the classic MA-1 Jacket using denim and it looks great!

The jacket has a padded denim body it also features padded tonal nylon sleeves as well as super soft rib details.  This jacket has a beautiful minimal design that will make it a timeless wardrobe staple and it is a great interpretation of a jacket that United States Air Force pilots originally wore to stay warm while flying at high altitudes.



-Black x Black Stretch Denim Body
-Nylon Sleeves
-Soft Rib on collar, hem, and cuff
-Fully lined and lightly padded for comfort and warmth
-Flap snap pockets
-Inner chest pocket
-Zip sleeve pocket
-Made in Japan

Price: $500

Available at Big John’s online store and at Big John stockists worldwide.



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