Visvim’s F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer KERCHIEF DOWN JKT KOFU


Japanese based luxury brand Visvim offers the F.I.L Indigo Camping Trailer KERCHIEF DOWN JKT KOFU  as part of the Autumn/Winter collection for 2014. The brand takes on a nomadic tone evoking the spirit and consciousness of a wanderer and adopting the wabi-sabi aesthetic in its approach to design and creating its products. The KERCHIEF DOWN JKT KOFU is a jacket made using different pieces of fabric that have been died with indigo using some ancient Japanese dying techniques. The result is a patch design the looks imperfect but still manages to achieve perfection. It features is padded to ensure that it keeps you warm during the colder months and lining with some beautiful intricate prints. Visvim as a brand is known for taking extraordinary measures to achieve high levels of quality and craftsmanship. It is always great to find brands like Visvim that are going against the grain and not all about following the latest trends.

The jacket will be available through Visvim’s online store.


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