Hypebeast Presents: Laser Burning with Paige Denim


Paige Denim is a premium luxury brand that is constantly innovating in the designs and processes that it uses to make denim. Although there is a constant debate between denim purists who say denim should only be made in its raw state and worn until it fades naturally with wear and non denim purists who like to buy distressed denim in a wide variety of washes, it is important to acknowledge that people have different tastes and preferences. For those that like their denim distressed the latest manufacturing innovation that Paige Denim is using is just for you.

Paige Denim recently hosted Hypebeast TV at their Los Angeles factory and showed them the latest process that they use to distress denim. This process involves the use of laser technology that heats up the fabric by burning it only slightly and causing the indigo to fade. Traditionally pumice stones are used in the manufacturing process in order to fade denim. This new technology is used to do things a bit differently and is an exciting move especially since we are at a period in time in which premium denim brands are finding ways to manufacture denim in a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The new process should reduce the amount of water and energy that is usually used in order to give denim those amazing fades that we admire. It is amazing how Paige Denim is one of the brands at the forefront of making sure that they make their jeans in the most environmentally way possible. Check the video out below.


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