Pure Blue Japan Presents: The Deep Indigo Denim Jacket


Pure Blue Japan releases their latest interpretation of the wardrobe essential denim jacket. The latest release from the Japanese based denim brand is the Deep Indigo Denim Jacket which is made using a warp and a weft that are both dyed in deep indigo to give the jacket a deep indigo look. The denim is similar to Pure Blue Japan’s XXX-007,009 and 012 models and is constructed with 13 Oz selvedge denim fabric with a weight that allows for easy movement.

The jacket has a Type II inspired design and features two breast pockets and a triple pleated placket. Another great thing about this jacket is that it is a unisex style and is suitable for both the ladies and the gents. The Deep Indigo Denim Jacket comes washed once to account for shrinkage. Of course this jacket will age beautifully and will look even better with wear in true denim style. It is currently available on Pure Blue Japan’s website.

Retail Price: ¥ 27,000 (JPY)



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