Making the Case for Grey Denim for Guys


As men we tend to be highly conservative in the way that we dress because we don’t really like to rock the boat too much and we would rather stick with looks that we know work for us. However because of this fact we tend to limit ourselves in terms of what will and WON’T wear. Style is a personal thing it is a means of expression but at the same time our personal style is something that is constantly evolving as we grow and become better and wiser our tastes and preferences change.

It is for this reason that i am making the case for grey denim, there is no doubt that blue or indigo denim is great and we all enjoy wearing it, light washed denim also looks great (for the non hardcore raw denim fans) and occasionally we might wear a pair of black jeans but that is about as far as it goes for most of us when it comes to denim. Grey denim is a hidden gem that still remains to be discovered by most men. Not only is it versatile but it is a winner when it is styled right like in the feature picture above and because grey is such a neutral color it does not overwhelm the look. Grey denim can be worn for semi-formal look and it can also be worn casually and look great.It looks great with a shirt or a t-shirt and can be worn with burgundy, brown or black shoes and it even looks great with a pair of sneakers.

I hope that this is encouraging enough for more of us to take a plunge into trying out a grey pair of jeans.



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