JOE’s Jeans Presents The ‘Off Duty’ Collection


The Off Duty collection by Joe’s Jeans is all about Fashion Forward Comfort, it is inspired by the most fashionable women both on and of the runway. With the Off Duty collection Joe’s Jeans marries comfort with the chic street styles seen in Milan, Paris and New York.

Joe’s Jeans also state that the collection is also inspired by ballet dancers and the collection includes Tendu, the Pirouette, the Plié, the Relevé, and the Jeté styles. Each of the styles feature a wide variety of looks and textures that are used to emulate the look and the feel of plaid, leather, snake and metallics. They also feature piping which creates the signature slimming effect that Joe’s Jeans is known for.

JETE_0028 PIROUETTE_0014 PLIE_0038 RELEVE_0018 TENDU_0058-e1412647458815


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