Mother Denim Fall 2014 Wanderer Lookbook


Mother denim is a brand that is truly something special, not just because of the name it is affectionately called by but also because they present great products every season. For fall 2014 Mother covers all the bases by ensuring that they offer every woman some much desired denim essentials. There are a wide variety of styles and fits to suit the tastes of every woman from skinny fits to cropped looser fitting jeans and the ever so popular boyfriend fit.

Some of the stand out pairs in this collection are the looker in the look but don’t touch (black), the muse ankle in blow out (gold rush), the dropout in dark moon magic and the looker in tried and true. This is an amazing denim collection from Mother with all of the fall essentials and we know that the jeans from this collection will be spotted on celebrities and denim fanatics over the next few weeks and for the rest of the season.

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