New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015: Denim Street Style Photography by Tommy Ton


New York City has been buzzing with fashion faithfuls as the various designers and brands showcased their Spring/Summer 2015 collections. However as is always the case with fashion week and different kind of event was taking place daily just outside of the shows. We get very excited around fashion week because we always look forward to the street style shots showing just how people are wearing and styling their jeans.

This time around it is no exception and the photographs captured by Tommy Ton for GQ and show just how influential denim is in the world of fashion. In the various photographs  we see a plethora of people wearing their jeans from fashion editors to runway models and even the fashion fanatics attending the shows and just hanging around to catch a glimpse of the latest and the greatest. We see denim in various styles such a raw denim, selvedge denim, distressed and torn denim, coated denim as well as a variety of fits such as skinny and boyfreind fits on the women. We have selected some of our favourite shots by the legendary street style photographer Tommy Ton who has a keen eye for detail and a unique way of capturing some of the most intrinsic attention to detail. We hope you enjoy this just as much as we did.

1410012898414_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-1-03 1410012898416_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-1-04 1410012898418_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-1-05 1410012898425_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-1-09 1410012914139_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-3-09 1410097296929_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-4-10 1410185055307_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-5-02 1410185055314_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-5-08 1410185055316_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-5-10 1410270819110_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-6-01 1410358213913_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-01 1410358213917_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-03 1410358213918_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-04 1410358213920_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-05 1410358213922_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-07 1410358213924_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-09 1410358213924_street-style-spring-summer-2015-new-york-7-10 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_066 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_068 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_078 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_079 SS15_NewYork_Womens_STYLE_082 SS15_NewYork_Womens_STYLE_091 SS15_NewYork_Womens_STYLE_094 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_037 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_LR656_027 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_LR656_031


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