Warby Parker Fall 2014 Collection

FALL2014_stills (1)

New York based Warby Parker has been taking the world of luxury eyewear by storm by providing stylish high quality glasses at lower price than the existing alternatives. Their glasses are designed in house and sold directly to customers enabling the company to pass savings on to consumers. Warby Parker glasses are made using high quality premium materials such as Titanium and Acetate.The four year old company was founded  Neil Blumenthal, David Gilboa, Jeffrey Raider and Andrew Hunt in 2010 and four years later Warby Parker has become a force to be reckoned with. For the style conscious modern man or woman it is important that our glasses complement our personalities, our style and our looks. Glasses have become a very important part of our expression and not just a way in which we see the world around us but also how the world around us sees us.

The Fall 2014 collection from Warby Parker is for those who own their own style, exercise their wit and add life to the party.  Warby Parker is introducing nine new shapes which means there’s a signature look for everyone in the room. For the bold, they have created three clever styles in crystal. For the polished professionals, they updated three hardworking acetate frames with titanium temples. For the folks who really mean business, they designed a handful of angular silhouettes.
Two new hues have been added to the mix: Striped Pacific and Petal Tortoise. The first is a streaked combination of rich, seaworthy blues; the second is a painterly mix of soft pinks and earthy browns.

Warby Parker also has an initiative in which they give one pair of eyeglasses away for each pair sold to those in need through their non-profit partners.

The Looks

1071 TAL WARBY 01-077-04-04EXLR 1071 TAL WARBY 01-128-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 02-176-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 02-186-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 02-233-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 03-118-02-02BW_CROP_LR 1071 TAL WARBY 03-118-02-02BWLR 1071 TAL WARBY 03-118-03-03_CROP_LR 1071 TAL WARBY 03-118-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 03-207-04-04LR 1071 TAL WARBY 04-321-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 05-166-02-02BLR 1071 TAL WARBY 06-043-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 07-036-03-03BWLR 1071 TAL WARBY 07-036-03-03LR 1071 TAL WARBY 09-127-04-04LR 1071 TAL WARBY 09-160-04-04EXLR 1071 TAL WARBY 10-034-04-04EXLR 1071 TAL WARBY 11-045-03-03LR

The Eyewear

Annette Striped Sassafras


Annette Petal Tortoise


Baxter Ti Whiskey Tortoise


Baxter Ti Sugar Maple


Chandler Ti Newsprint Grey


Chandler Ti English Oak


Coley Woodgrain Tortoise


Coley Crystal


Crane Ti Newsprint Grey


Crane Ti Striped Olive


Durand Whiskey Tortoise


Eli Whiskey Tortoise


Eli Crystal


Greenleaf Whiskey Tortoise


Greenleaf Woodgrain Tortoise


Hardy Striped Pacific


Hardy Striped Olive


Nash Crystal


Oliver Whiskey Tortoise


Oliver Striped Olive


The Warby Parker Fall 2014 eyewear collection is available online and in their retail stores.


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