Indigo People Autumn/Winter 2014 Worker Blue Collection


Indigo People is a Netherlands based brand that creates scarves using indigo and artisanal. Indigo People’s autumn/winter 2014 lookbook is a tribute to the enduring beauty of indigo by showing the impeccable combination of handcrafted scarves with authentic workwear. Since its invention in the late 1800s, denim workwear has withstood the test of time and has become one of the important style icons in the fashion world. It’s a testimony to the richness of indigo that today jeans are still made from blue denim. The workwear outfits and the old factory setting provide the ideal backdrop for showcasing Indigo People’s unique scarves that have been handloomed with the greatest passion.


It’s said that the first year of life is the most important. For Indigo People it was a year of experimenting, reinventing and close collaboration with the artisans from several weaving communities. It was also a year of re-exploring the denim world and meeting a lot of indigo lovers who inspired and motivated us to carry on our passion. To celebrate the first anniversary, Indigo People specially designed the Katori and Otobe scarf  for the autumn/winter 2014 collection to show the perfect fusion between craftsmanship and style. This combination of deep natural indigo colour with traditional handloom and comprehensive weaving patterns sets the tone for a series of richly decorated scarves in the future. To emphasize the uniqueness of these scarves, they are delivered in a cotton bag that has been manually dyed in natural indigo.



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