DL1961’s Latest Innovation is Odor Resistant Jeans


Denim has always been designed and manufactured to be a hard wearing fabric that is strong enough to take a beating. Luxury denim brand DL1961 is one of the brands that continue to innovate on the tried and tested denim fabric and their latest innovation which is called Silvadur enables you to wear your jeans for longer and to wash them less. The brand just released its Autumn 2014 range of denim which includes a new technology called “Intelligent Denim.” It’s made from a microbal technology called Silvadur which protects your jeans from the odor-causing-bacteria. Meaning, less time at the laundromat and more time wearing and enjoying your jeans.

“This season we wanted to create a collection that represents the technological nature and sleekness of our denim,” said Sarah Ahmed, DL1961′s Creative Director in a press release. “We continue our mission to create ‘the perfect fitting jeans’ and are excited to unveil our Fall/Winter fit collection, which captures the premium, effortless yet signature style that DL1961 has become known for.”



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