G-Star RAW Opens A New Store In The City Of East London


Last night G-Star RAW launched their 5th store in South Africa, this time in the city of East London, Hemingways Mall. The design of the store aims to give focus to the individuality of seven iconic pair of jeans from the G-Star RAW heritage, by showing only the product, not the stock.This conceptual, yet highly functional clutter-fee approach to retail will give visitors a refreshing shopping experience. A 6th retail store will be opening soon in Durban.


In the past year G-Star has marked its South African presence by hosting their globally renowned RAW Night events both in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These events combine an eclectic mix of live music, art and denim innovation – all capturing the dynamic spirit of G-Star.This dedicated local strategy resulted in rapid growth for G-Star in South Africa, launching 25 new mono-brand stores, department store corners, online and multi-brand retailers within its first 6 months.

 G-star is known throughout the world for its innovative denim constructions, top craftsmanship and modern styles. International celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora and Jay Z are often seen wearing the brand.


#GStarRAW #JustTheProduct

This post is sponsored by Vivid Luxury





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