Nudie Jeans Fall/Winter 2014 Denim Jackets



If you are looking for an excuse to spoil yourself with a new denim jacket Nudie Jeans have just given you the perfect excuse with their latest offering of denim jackets from their Fall/Winter 2014 collection.  The denim jacket is a wardrobe essential that is available in three different options the dry or raw denim jacket, coated denim jacket and the pre-washed or pre-distressed denim jacket.

The Dry Option



The Sonny Dry Selvage denim jacket is Nudie’s dry option.  It’ll take a while to break in, but don’t fret. That dry denim jacket is to be seen as an investment for the future. If you can’t break it in during your lifetime, pass it on to the kids. If you want to speed up the process, wear that dry denim jacket under your leather jacket and you’ll see results a bit faster.

The Coated Option

unnamed (1)


The Perry Back 2 Black denim jacket is Nudie’s coated option. Much like the dry jean jacket, the coated option should be worn for a long time to develop nice looking wear and tear. The more you wear it and break it in, the more character it’ll get. After about six months of extensive wear, the fabric will take on a more rugged look.

The Pre-Washed Option

unnamed (2)

The Perry Blue Contrast denim jacket is Nudie’s pre-washed denim jacket option. Not everyone has the time or patience it takes to break in a denim jacket from scratch. Ain’t no shame in that though; there’s satisfaction in putting on a pre-washed denim jacket too. We have some really nice pre-washed options that’ll make you dangerously stylish, and give you the same amount of attention.


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