Paige Denim Presents The New Ollie Fit


Paige Denim is a brand that is  continuously innovating and they’re latest innovation is the Ollie Fit. The Ollie is a midrise skinny that hugs the leg down to the leg opening, it fits right along other Paige Denim styles such as the Indio, Marley and Edgemont. These jeans offer high stretch and move with the wearer all day without bagging and losing shape.

The Paige Denim Ollie Fit features unique details such as hip zippers that have a welt to keep them hidden. The backpockets also feature hidden pockets with the welt design and the knees of the jeans have a moto stitching design.

Paige-Ollie-Black-Silk-Coating-1 Paige-Ollie-Black-Silk-Coating-2 Paige-Ollie-Black-Silk-Coating-3 Paige-Ollie-Midnight-Navy-1 Paige-Ollie-Midnight-Navy-2 Paige-Ollie-Midnight-Navy-3 Paige-Ollie-Shiraz-Silk-Coating-1 Paige-Ollie-Shiraz-Silk-Coating-2 Paige-Ollie-Shiraz-Silk-Coating-3 Paige-Ollie-Stone-Grey-1 Paige-Ollie-Stone-Grey-2 Paige-Ollie-Stone-Grey-3


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