LEE by Donwan Harrell


Lee Jeans continues to work with a variety of designers as part of their 125 year anniversary. Henry David Lee founded Lee in 1889 in Salina, Kansas as a manufacturer of dungarees and jackets. Today Lee continues to be one of the last great remaining icons in the world of denim. As part of their 125th year anniversary celebration Lee has invited some designers to create modern interpretations of the Lee Jeans brand using its archives. The Japanese designer Nigo who founded Bape and Human Made is one of the designers that Lee approached to design some jeans and their latest collaboration is with Donwan Harrell. Donwan is the founder of the ultra luxury denim brand PRPS that draws inspiration for its designs from the jeans that became torn and developed abrasions as a result of hardworking mine workers wearing them while they were at work.

The Lee and Donwan Harrell collaboration jeans are designed using a look back at the past. The jeans have been distressed to look like they were battered and bruised as a result of someone wearing them in hard. They are made from 14Oz red-line selvedge denim fabric which can only be woven on old shuttle looms. The attention to detail on these jeans is amazing everything about these jeans has been meticulously crafted including the hang tags that come with the jeans. The leather patch on the back of the jeans looks like it is inspired by Donwan’s PRPS Noir line. The denim jacket also looks exceptional and is also made from 14Oz red-line selvedge denim and appears to be less distressed than the jeans but it features some great detailing on the arm regions and the cuffs.



One thought on “LEE by Donwan Harrell

  1. the final released jeans of lee with donwan harrel is completely different than the promoted pictures above, first it is no selvage denim and the back tag is not as presented, the washing is completely different, result a completely different jeans. by far not as beautiful as above

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