New Denim Brand: MASTERCRAFT UNION Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

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It is always exciting to discover a new outstanding denim brand like MASTERCRAFT UNION Jeans aka MCU Jeans. MCU is the meeting of great artisanal experts.This Fall/Winter 2014 collection is the brands inaugural denim collection it features hand-made denim from Japan and leather from the craftsmen of Tuscany in Italy. The jeans are made using unique stretch denim which has been developed for increased comfort, it is the first Japanese denim collection to utilise stretch denim into its handcrafted denim due to the brands slimmer more contemporary fits. MCU paper Denim is constructed of exclusive fabric, using traditionally milled Japanese paper within the weave of the denim. This aides comfort, breathability & 3D shape retention plus a shorter wear-in time than standard jeans. 

MCU’s denim is hand-woven in a family-run mill in Okayama, the sewing and washing are processed high in the mountains of Shimane, where hot spring water and volcanic pumice are used to create the finest denim through a mixture of time honoured techniques and experimental processes. Wash technicians are trained over many years and process each jean by hand, leaving to air dry before reworking over and over again. 

The MASTERCRAFT UNION branding reflects the overall unique modernist approach: Italian bonded seam-seal tape replaces the traditional leather patch and matte black enamelling over copper metalware. MCU use only rope-dyed yarn in its exclusive Okayama selvedge fabrics giving denim the natural highs and lows in colour after long-term wear. Roping is used through the belt loops and back pockets, a method traditionally developed for strength, but also aiding a contrasted, authentic-looking finish.

The pre-distressing on MCU jeans is truly exceptional and there is absolutely no doubt that these jeans are made by craftsmen who have perfected their art. One of the most outstanding features of the jeans is the level of attention to detail and what stands out the most is the kind of fading you would get from keeping a cellphone in your pocket which features on a few of the jeans. We’re excited to see more from this brand in the future.


Visit MASTERCRAFT UNION’s website to learn more about the brand.


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