Edwin Presents “North Of The South” Spring/Summer 2014


For Spring/Summer 2014 Edwin teamed up with the FURTHER Crew to create videos showcasing their latest collection. Edwin continues to showcase the fact that they are more than just a clothing brand but they are also a lifestyle brand. In the videos FURTHER Crew takes a trip to Serra d’Arga, north of Porto in some vintage Hondas, a Norton, a temperamental Citroen DS and a couple of Willy’s Jeeps for a few days in the sun.

Edwin Women’s Line Spring/Summer 2014

“Edwin’s Spring / Summer 2014 Women’s collection crosses time and space and journeys into the present. Led by the iconic female figures of the 1970’s Road movie including Sissy Spacek in Terrence Malick’s ‘Badlands’ and Laurie Bird in Monte Hellman’s ‘Two-Lane Blacktop’. Female odes to freedom, dreams, innocence, recklessness and adventure; wavering between nonchalance and casual masculinity, feminine gentleness and sensitivity.”


Edwin Men’s Line Spring/Summer 2014

As the weather was so hot, we obviously couldn’t force the crew to wear heavy denim pieces or jackets all day long so the focus lies on the true summer clothes; printed short sleeve shirts and bermudas in linens, chambrays and poplins, graphic tees and your favorite pair of sunglasses…a proper summer wardrobe…



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