Hiut Denim Presents A New Short Run: ‘A Limited Edition Summer Weight Denim (30/30)


After the success their last short run denim release which resulted in the jeans selling out in just a few hours, Hiut denim has decided to treat us to their latest short run denim offering. The latest short run denim from Hiut is made from lighter weight 11 Oz selvedge denim compared to their standard 14 Oz selvedge denim and it is made by Kuroki, the artisan Japanese mill who specialise in raw rope dyed denim which is woven on vintage shuttle looms.

Hiut Denim will only make 30 pairs because this is all they could get hold of and the jeans will feature a leather patch. The jeans will  be available in Hiut Denim’s Regular, Slim and SlimR fits. Pre-orders are now open and the jeans will be shipped on the 15th of July. Each pair of jeans will be custom made for the customer and the jeans will retail for £175.

You can visit Hiut Denim to place your order now.


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