The Denim Fit Guide Part 2: Women’s Denim


We’re continuing to expand on our denim fit guide with a second part that mainly focuses on women’s denim and the denim fits that are currently available for women. Shopping for jeans for women is a much more complex process than it is for women. When women are shopping for jeans there are three things that are important and they are fit, fit and most importantly FIT! Women want to wear jeans that flatter their bodies and make their buts look good when they wear them.

When buying jeans it is important to take your body shape and time into consideration in order to find the most form flattering fit. Women’s body types are usually classified into four different body types which are the apple, pear, hourglass and the beanpole. However Trinny and Susannah of ‘What Not To Wear Fame demonstrated that there are at least 12 distinct body types that women have that all require different considerations when shopping for denim.


Group 1


The first group consists of pear , bell and bowling pin (skittle) shaped women.

The Bell Shape

The bell shape woman’s celebrity fit twins are Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Alyson Hannigan. She boasts a gravity defying behind and enviously long legs. While they may be the envy of less bootylicious women everywhere they might find it hard to find jeans that are long enough and cover their ample behind.


Features to look for when buying jeans are:

  • Wide leg jeans-they will balance out the disproportion between your skinny calves and your butt.
  • A lower-rise in the front and a contoured waist-this will add length to your torso and balance you out while the higher back rise will prevent you from flashing people.
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips than in the waist-this will prevent the dreaded ‘gap waist.’
  • Jeans with long inseams

Brands you should try: True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim and J Brand.

The Bowling Pin (Skittle)

The Bowling Pin’s celebrity fit twins include people like Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Halle Berry, Rachel Bilson and Natalie Portman. The bowling pin is one of the most common body shapes there are especially if you are Eastern European or Asian. You might have gone through life thinking that you’re a pair but wondered why you don’t have much of a butt. The good news is that many premium denim brands already make jeans especially for your body type. The flashy pockets and jeans with roomier thighs and stretch fabric are perfect for you. This is essential since your legs are short in proportion to your height.

Features to look for:

  • Fun pockets – crystals, thick stitching, flaps, you name it! As long as it adds interest to the butt area, it’ll make you look more bootylicious.
  • Generous thighs
  • Stretch fabric – unless you’ve got a pair that runs really big in the thighs, rigids probably won’t get past your knees, or they’ll at least be really uncomfortable when you’re sitting down!
  • A somewhat higher rise – since you’re long-waisted, these will make your legs look nice and long. Too high, though, and you’ll get the pancake butt effect.
  • A bootcut or straight leg. Since you have generous calves, tread carefully in the area of skinny jeans while the tiniest of Skittles can look great in them, they won’t be comfortable on most of you.

Brands you should try: True Religion Joeys or any of the other styles with flap pockets, 7 For All Mankind, Adriano Goldschmied Jeans, Diesel Jeans if you can get them past your thighs, Paige Denim and Hudsons with flap pockets.

The Pear

The pear’s celebrity fit twins include people like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Trinny Woodall, Lea Michele and Katie Holmes. The pear shaped woman is the woman who has been generously gifted in the department of behinds. These women are relatively easy to shop for in the area of jeans and it is on the brands to create jeans that can fit their thighs.

Features to look for:

  • High Rises-they will perform the task of making your legs look longer and covering your behind.
  • Cuts that run small in the waist compared to the hips and the thighs.
  • Trouser cuts with without the angled slash pockets
  • Wider cut jeans such as flare, bootcuts and straight leg jeans, avoid skinnys because your calves are difficult to fit into skinny jeans and in many cases straight leg jeans look and fit like skinnys on you.
  • Thicker stretch denim.
  • Large pockets-preferably without too much detail if you want to avoid drawing attention to your butt.

Brands to try: 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, Joe’s Jeans and True Religion.

Group 2


The apple, brick and goblet have similar body shapes but they are not exactly the same.

The Brick

The brick’s celebrity fit twins are people like Kelly Osbourne, Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall. While the name of this body type might not be the most flattering it does portray how strong and athletic women in this category are. In many cases women who are or were gymnasts fall into this category due to their broad shoulders, narrow waists and generous thighs. There are many premium denim brands that flatter this very common body type.

Features to look for:

  • Jeans with thick stretch fabric because you have thick athletic thighs
  • Cuts that run  generously in the waist compared to the hips
  • Funky pockets-flaps, crystals or crazy stitching
  • Twisted seams-jeans with twisted seams will add curves to your shape
  • A higher rise-these will be very flattering on you  because it will make your short legs look longer and contain any belly pooch.
  • Bootcut, wideleg and some skinny cuts- widelegs will fit your thighs and make your legs look longer, skinnys will give you curvier hips. With skinnies look for a pair with stretch fabric that can accommodate your thighs and your calves.

Brands you should try: Paige Denim, Hudson, 7 For All Mankind, True Religion, J Brand and Adriano Goldschmied.

The Apple

The apple’s celebrity fit twin is Kesha and although she may be focused on her generous tummy and flat butt and how difficult shopping can be, the girls in group 1 envy the apples long legs. There are jeans out there that will look great on the ladies with apple shaped bodies.

Features to look for:

  • Trouser cuts-especially if they have flap pockets or welt pockets in the back
  • Either a slightly low-rise or a slightly high rise depending on how you feel about your tummy. A high rise will hold things in but if you’re a slender apple go for a lower rise because it will add some curves to your shape.
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Cropped Jeans as long as the weather permits- go for a cigarette fit rather than a boyfriend style.

Brand you should try: Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, Diesel, Siwy and Paige Denim

The Goblet

The goblet’s celebrity fit twins include Jessica Simpson, Christina Ricci and Fergie. For the goblet shaped lady her biggest issue isn’t necessarily jeans but her broad shoulders and well-endowed upper regions. Since goblet body shape girls have the tendency to keep a bit of a belly they will like the same cuts that flatter the brick shaped girls.

Features to look for:

  • Funky pockets-with flaps or crazy stitching
  • Cuts that run bigger in the hips than in the waist
  • Skinnies-they will the illusion of your hips balancing out your top half
  • Mid or slightly higher rise cuts if you have a tummy. Super high rises and low-rises will make you look lopsided.

Brand you should try: 7 For All Mankind, J Brand, Paige Denim, Adriano Goldschmied, Siwy and Diesel (however be aware that most of their women’s denim is cut in super low rises)

Group 3


The third group of women are made up of the hourglass, vase and cello body shapes.

The Vase

This is a very common body shape and the vase’s celebrity fit twins include Kate Winslet, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. The vase body shape is one of the most common body shapes (especially among northern Europeans) and a cause of envy among women who are less endowed. Vase shaped women have a booty that is not huge but present and their thighs are not particularly thunderous and their belly is proportional to their body although vase girls may feel subconscious about their belly they are pretty straightforward to dress. Most brands will have something that flatters your body and the only consideration that you will need to keep in mind is to avoid super low rise jeans because they will make your legs look shorter and possibly create a muffin top.

Features to look for:

  • A moderate rise- too low and your belly might be emphasized too low and people might be too busy looking at your “eyes”.
  • Not too much detail around the upper front of the jeans
  • Most leg cuts will flatter you however super flares may swallow you up because your legs are not particularly long. Pair wide legs with heels.

Brands you should try: Mother Denim, Joe’s Jeans, Adriano Goldschmied, Citizens of Humanity, 7 For All Mankind and Paige Denim.

The Hourglass

The hourglass’s celebrity fit twins include people like Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks and Kat Dennings. The hourglass shaped girl is the envy of many women, however many women will not envy the difficulty that the hourglass shaped girl faces when looking for jeans because of her long legs and curvy but. Most jeans seem to either gap at the waist or they are too short when you try them on. The tips for your particular body shape are similar to the ones for bell shaped women.

Features to look for:

  • A wide leg-this will balance out the disproportion between your skinny calves and your butt.
  • A lower rise in front with a contoured waist-it will add length to your torso and balance you out while the higher waist in the back will keep you from flashing people.
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips than in the waist-this will prevent the gap waist.
  • Long inseams

Brands you should try: 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, J Brand and Joe’s Jeans.

The Cello

The cello’s celebrity fit twins are Kim Kardashian and Oprah. The cello shaped girl has a curvy figure and might sometimes envy the girls with smaller frames. You are not as short waisted as the hourglass but many of your fit issues are the same as hers and in addition you might be seeking out sizes outside of the range of 24-32 in order to accommodate your butt and thighs.

Features to look for:

  • Cuts that run extra generously in the hips and thighs but not the waist.
  • Depending on your size washes that run a little bit bigger (size 33 or 34)
  • Stretch fabric, preferably of a heavier weight.
  • Dark washes with minimal distress
  • A wide leg cut as wide as you can find

Brands you should try: 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim, True Religion and J Brand

Group  4


The fourth group consists of the cornet, lollipop and column body shapes.

The Cornet

The cornet’s celebrity fit twins include, Cameron Diaz and pretty much every volleyball player and runway model. You are almost the taller sister of the brick with broad shoulders and are straight with a boyish figure. The good news is that the right pair of jeans can give you curves all you need to do is to make sure that the inseams are long enough.

Features to look for:

  • Long inseams
  • Skinny cuts- (but be careful of the length because skinnys often run short). They will add curves and balance out your shoulders
  • Flares and wide legs can also work.
  • Interesting details and pocket embellishments.
  • A low rise will add curves to your butt and tone down the length of your legs.

Brands you should try: J Brand, Paige Denim, 7 For All Mankind and Diesel.

The Lollipop

The lollipop is very skinny but well-endowed and sometimes this creates a problem because most jeans are too baggy, too short or both and they do not put your body in proportion. The tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans for the lollipop girls are very similar to the cornet girls but just slightly different.

Features to look for:

  • Cuts that run small in the hips and thighs compare to the waist.
  • Detailed washes, elaborate details, contrast stitching
  • Flares that are very well-fitted above the knees
  • Mid-to-low rises – a too-high rise will draw attention to “the girls”
  • Skinnies

Brands you should try: Siwy, J Brand, Diesel, Paige Denim and 7 For All Mankind.

The Column

The column shaped girls like the cornet is quite thin and tall without the broad shoulders.

Features to look for:

  • Long inseams
  • A flared leg that is fitted above the knee and has a lowish rise.
  • Funky stitching, flap pockets, embellishments, distressing and unique pocket placement will all add shape.
  • Skinnys if you are not a particularly tall girl.
  • Cuffed boyfriend jeans for casual occasion but they should not be too baggy

Brands you should try: Diesel, True Religion, 7 For All Mankind and Current/Elliot.


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