Our Pick Of The Week: The Tellason Coverall Jacket 12,5 Oz


The Tellason Coverall Jacket 12,5 Oz recently caught our attention and we thought we should share this great find with those of you who may not have discovered it already. This jacket is what epitomizes what comes to mind when you think of men’s utility workwear. As you can see it is a hard wearing jacket that is designed and crafted to be able to take a beating and still be able to hold up after many years of wear.  This coverall jacket is an update to Tellason’s original chore jacket which was a collaborative effort by Jay and MaryLynn  of Smith and Butler in Brooklyn.

The Coverall Jacket is made from 12,5 Oz Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim. The fabric weight makes it ideal for both summer and winter because it can be worn on its own on cooler days and nights or layered on colder days and nights. Utility pockets can be seen on the front of the jacket as well as a hidden pocket on the right side inside the jacket. Tellason have also used an extra rivet to fortify the newspaper pocket stress point.


images via Burg & Schild


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