Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Pima Selvage One Year Later


For all of you who may still be wondering what this whole raw denim thing is all about  and for all of you who have a love and appreciation for raw denim we’ve got just the perfect post for you.Last year Nudie Jeans released a limited run of 480 pairs the Grim Tim’s in Pima Selvedge. Each of the 480 pairs of the Nudie Grim Tim’s in Pima Selvage were individually numbered to give each pair a unique identity. The jeans were made from pima cotton that was organically cultivated and harvested in New Mexico, USA, the fabric was woven on narrow shuttle looms by true artisans in Japan and the jeans were produced in Italy by the very best denim manufacturers. The jeans were designed to be worn hard everyday to achieve the best fades and the most unique look depending on the wearer’s lifestyle and activities

Now that it has been 12 months since these special edition jeans were released, Nudie Jeans is curious and has launched a Wear and Tear investigation!


“I wore my Pima Selvage Grim Tims during 12 months, with a 3 month hiatus over the summer. After that I washed them and wore them some more. What struck me the most was how incredibly soft they were from the beginning. The time I spent on parental leave was time spent on the knees, so they’ve been repaired numerous times.”





”Premium long-fiber cotton, woven on narrow, Japanese shuttle looms – what’s not to like!? They do break in a bit slower since the fabric was really soft from the beginning, but I’m happy with them. 10 months in and they are starting to look real good.The crotch has been repaired a few times, but since I’m a skilled denim repairman, I’m on those blow-outs like a panther.”




“I’ve worn these for about six months. I had them on when I was kidnapped for my bachelor party. I was taken to an island where I was forced to play paintball with them on. Of course I won and managed to not get hit, so my Pima Selvage are as clean, or dirty as before. No evident wear at this point, but I really love them, so there will be soon enough.”




“What’s special about my jeans is that they are not Grim Tim. I had the privilege of getting mine custom made, so I went for the slightly roomier Sharp Bengt fit. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to wear them a lot, but long enough to make the wear marks from my snus box become evident.”


The Sharp Bengt fit is no longer available but has been replaced by a the Steady Eddie which has a similar fit and is also available in dry selvage.


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