Diesel x iD Magazine Present: ‘The A-Z of Dance’


When Diesel created the Jogg Jeans they wanted to make a pair of jeans that are as soft and comfortable as a pair of sweatpants while still offering the high quality and durability of denim. Don’t get it wrong though, Diesel didn’t create the Jogg Jeans for you to sit around in them all day lounging in your living room or your bedroom. The Diesel Jogg Jeans are designed and created for performance and ease of movement in your daily life.

To demonstrate this Diesel has teamed up with iD Magazine to create a high performance dance video entitled ‘The A-Z of Dance’ showcasing 26 of the most popular dance moves in the world today such as b-girl, memphis jookin, harlem shake, krumpin, harlem shake, chicken noodle soup and the death drop. The video is shot on the streets and rooftops of Los Angeles and is directed by Jacob Sutton.

For a follow up video Diesel is asking fans to submit videos of themselves dancing via social media such as instagram and vine with the hashtags #joggjeans and #iDdance for a chance to be featured.

diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-02-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-03-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-04-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-05-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-06-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-08-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-09-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-10-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-11-570x393diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-13-570x393 diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-14-570x393 diesel-a-to-z-dance-moves-15-570x393


A – Arabesque, Morgan Quinn 
B – B-girl, Bgirl Terra 
C – Chicken Noodle Soup, Terence Dickson 
D – Death Drop, Nick Lanzisera 
E – East Coast Swing, Yani Marin, Nathan Kim 
F – Finger Tut, John P-Nut Hunt 
G – Grand Jeté, Julia Cinquemani 
H – Harlem Shake, Amanda Meade-Tatum 
I – Indian Bhangra, Reshma Gajjar 
J – Jump Style, Høps 
K – Krump, Jigsaw 
L – Liquid Dance, Phillip ‘Pacman’ Chbeeb 
M – Memphis Jookin, Lil Buck 
N – Northern Soul, Levanna McLean 
O – OMG, Anthony ‘Lil’ Bob’ Cabaero 
P – Pole, Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams 
Q – Questionable, Reid Shapiro 
R – Rumba, Junior and Emily Alabi 
S – Step, Soul Steps: Dionne Norton, Heather DeLeon, Maxine Lyle 
T – Twerk, Twerk Team: Lady Luscious, Mizz Twerksum 
U – Ultimate, Shofu Tha Beatdown 
V – Vogue Hands, Javier Madrid of Legendary House of Ninja 
W – Whine, Colleen Craig 
X – X-press Yourself, Ryan Heffington 
Y – YMCA, Allison Chu at Next Models LA 
Z – TurF FeinZ: Byron Vincent Sanders Jr aka T7, Donald Brooks aka Torch, Eric Bossett aka Kidd Strobe, Gary Morgan aka Noh-justice, Leon M Williams aka Mann, Rayshawn Thompson aka Looney2smooth


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