Joe’s Jeans Presents: Play Dirty Stay Spotless ‘A Stain Repellent White Jean’


The world of premium denim is never short of being innovative and is responsible for the development of denim and re-inventing the way we wear them, even after more than 100 years. White denim has been very popular over the past few seasons and its popularity seems to be growing even stronger.

The only qualm that most people have with white denim is that no matter how careful and strategic you are they always find a way of getting stained. Joe’s Jeans latest innovation is a pair of stain repellent white jeans that aim to solve this problem. These jeans have been given an innovative wash treatment that will repel spills. So even if you spill some soda, coffee or wine on them all you have to do is do a quick swipe over the stain and it will be gone. How awesome is that?


Note: This garment will not repel pigment based colors such as lip gloss, makeup, nail polish, paint or other products of a similar composition and nature. The expected longevity of the treatment is approximately 20 home washes when being washed with a mild liquid detergent on normal wash cycle and low tumble dry settings. Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.


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