Livid Jeans Presents:The ‘Fades of Indigo Denimbook Volume II’


Livid Jeans is a Norwegian denim brand that is based in Trondheim that is focused on making denim in a artisanal way by hand and the use of old industrial machinery. The brand was founded in 2010 by  Jens Olav Dankertsen who started the brand out of his passion and love for denim. The denim made by Livid Jeans has grown in popularity both in Norway and abroad and it is not difficult to see why. Livid Jeans’ denim is made with superior denim fabric from Kuroki Mills in Japan and Cone Mills in the USA.

The brand recently released volume two of its Denimbook which contains pictures that were photographed by Norwegian Photographer Ole A. Ekker. The brand uses the Denimbook as a mode of story telling rather than as a marketing tool.

Through authentic, honest and passionate work our cooperation aims to focus on artisanal aspects in both our crafts. We want to create a piece that will inspire both ourselves and others to keep on doing what they love the most, and inspire to cooperate with others as well. Not made as a tool of marketing but as an artistic piece that will live on longer as a reflection of our crafts being brought together.”


images via Denimfuture

You can check the rest of the denimbook out right here:


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