Norse Projects Cone Denim ‘Three Jean’ Project



Norse Projects recently released their Cone Mills made three jean denim collection. Norse Projects is a brand based in Copenhagen Denmark which went from being a boutique to producing some of the finest functional and workwear inspired clothing available today.

For anyone who is as obsessed with denim and all the finer details, methods and techniques that go into making denim as we are Cone Mills in Greensboro North Carolina USA needs no introduction. However for those who are not familiar with the legendary denim mill, the plant started making denim in 1905 it was one of the largest denim producers in the world at some point but it experienced some tough times as denim production was moved further east and could be manufactured more cheaply with more modern technology. However with the resurgence of selvedge denim Cone Mills has rejuvenated its old plant and put its vintage Draper Looms that it was forced to retire back to use.

Norse Projects has collaborated with Cone Mills on a denim collection made from White Oak Cone Denim available in three different fits; slim, tapered and regular. The jeans are made from 100% cotton 13,75 Oz indigo twill fabric, they feature redline selvedge and the buttons and rivets are made in Europe from steel. The design of the denim is kept minimal in the true Scandinavian style of Norse Projects.

Slim fit front


Slim fit back


Tapered front


Tapered back


Regular front


Regular back



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