Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer 2014 Editorial by Enjeanuity


The latest editorial from Enjeanuity features a pair of Raw Selvage Nudie Jeans that are styled in a variety of looks. The editorial was done by Enjeanuity’s dynamic duo Rolinda Siko and Brandon Msimanga. It features Brandon wearing a pair of Raw Selvage Grim Tims by Nudie Jeans which have a great slim fit and show just how Nudie Jeans do a great job of making jeans that look feel and fit great.

The idea of this editorial is to showcase the versatility of denim which is one of the qualities that have made it a timeless garment for more than 100 years. There are no limits to how you can wear and style your jeans only the ones we impose on ourselves.

“We went for an Ivy-League meets rugged workwear look and we wanted to capture the heart and soul of the 1950s and 60s and showcase the youthfulness and timelessness of denim in the way it can be worn and styled”

The editorial shoot was photographed at the Springbok Park in Pretoria South Africa by Rolinda Siko who did a great job of capturing the looks with a high level of attention to detail. The aim was to take advantage of the great natural lighting that hits the grounds of the park through its canopy. The location complemented the looks with the natural beauty of the lush green of the trees and the grass as well as the blossomed purple flowers. This made for the ideal environment for showcasing the natural beauty of denim in a natural environment.

ImageImageIMG_1905ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image

Model: Brandon Msimanga

Photographer: Rolinda Siko

Styling: Rolinda Siko and Brandon Msimanga

Creative Director: Rolinda Siko


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