Self-Edge x Iron Heart 20 Oz Type III Denim Jacket


The guys over at Self Edge are no strangers to collaborating with some of the best denim brands that you can find anywhere in the world today. The recently collaborated with Japan’s Iron Heart denim brand and one of the pieces that caught our attention is the Type III denim jacket that Self Edge and Iron Heart collaborated on.

The product is made from heavy weight 20 Oz unsanforized loomstate left hand twill denim produced with grey weft (fill) yarns. The left hand twill of the denim gives it a unique hand feel and due to the weft yarns the fabric has a very interesting medium indigo shade. The combination of the weight of the fabric and the fact that the denim comes in a loomstate form the fabric will age a high definition at high wear points and areas of creasing.

Iron Heart have cut and sewn the denim without doing any processing of any kind to the fabric. Unsanforized, un-singed, uncalendered, and unmercerised; this is true loomstate denim.

The SEXIH22TYPEIII jacket is a traditional Type III denim jacket which Self Edge has added hand-pockets to and lengthened by 2 inches so that it can be worn with an untucked shirt underneath. It is also perfect for those who are too tall for the traditional denim jacket body length.

The jacket shrinks a bit due to the unsanforized nature of the denim used. Although the shrinkage might be a little bit of an inconvenience you will be thankful in the end due to how the jacket will fit you and how it will age beautifully because it has not been treated with the sanforization process.



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