The Journey : Breaking Into A Pair of Raw Nudie Jeans


This post is a little bit different from the ones that we usually do. First of all i want to start by introducing myself to those who don’t already know me. My name is Brandon Msimanga and i am graduate Honours student in Business Management at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I am also the co-founder of the Enjeanuity blog which was born out of my passion for denim and the adventures and stories that we tell while we wear our jeans.

Today i am embarking on a journey that i want to share with our readers and everyone who supports our blog. I am breaking into a pair of raw Nudie Jeans and i will be documenting my story and showing you pictures of just what happens to a pair of raw jeans and how they develop character as they are worn. My friend and the co-founder of the blog Rolinda Siko is a photographer and his responsibilty is to take the pictures that we will be sharing with you and i know he will do a great job.

The Nudie Jeans that i am wearing are Grim Tim in Open Dry Selvage. They are made from 13,5 Oz Japanese denim fabric, they feature selvage detailing on the coin pocket as well as chain stitched hems and the buttons and the rivets are made of silver.


They retail for: R2799

We offer free shipping anywhere in South Africa

You can order a pair by emailing us on:


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