Denim Scarves by Indigo People


If you have an appreciation for denim and indigo as much as we do then you will be as excited about our most recent discovery as we are. A Dutch company called Indigo People has created some amazing indigo scarves which have been made through time tested ancient techniques that very few people still have the skill to use in our modern day and age.

Indigo People states: “In our western consumption society, where products are made increasingly faster, cheaper and more mechanized, authentic handicrafts and their artisans are faced with extinction. At the same time, there is a group of conscious consumers with an increasing appreciation for artisan craftsmanship.

On a journey to the Far East the founders of Indigo People met groups of master weavers who have been processing cotton for generations. They spin the raw cotton into weaving yarns and dye them in natural indigo following a traditional, very labor intensive method. These indigo blue yarns are then manually woven into textile. The handcrafted textile is very suitable for scarfs and shows a beauty that is raw and timeless.

Indigo people works with different artisan communities, each with its own specialization in a weaving technique such as ‘ikat’, ‘open weave’ and ‘4 –grill’. This production method can result in little imperfections. The beauty of these imperfections give each product a unique appearance.

The main material is based on unbleached and unprocessed cotton. The raw cotton is manually spun, which results in unevenness in the yarns. These little nubs in the weaving yarns give the product a natural rugged look. When the scarfs are more worn cotton fibre will get more flexible and gain more softness. In some products the cotton fibre is combined with silk to increase the wearer’s comfort and to give the product a subtle shine.

Indigo People was born out of love for traditional craftsmanship and the beauty of natural indigo. The brand pays homage to the artisans who keep up their heritage and to people with a great affection for authentic handicrafts. Combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design Indigo People creates a unique collection of scarfs for indigo lovers.



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