The Citizens of Humanity Premium Vintage Collection


For the Spring 2014 collection the premium denim brand Citizens of Humanity has drawn inspiration from vintage denim.  The result is a luxury vintage collection which they have named the Premium Vintage Collection. Designers Jerome Dahan and Catherine Ryu turned selvage and non-selvage fabrics into washes into washes that washes that embody the natural heritage of denim.

Citizens of Humanity tells a story from the past through this collection which pays tribute to denim from the past while improving on an already great product by using higher quality denim fabrics and designing the jeans in a way that makes them fit better.

The founder of Citizens of Humanity Jerome Dahan  is a self-confessed fan of vintage denim and the styles of yesteryear and because of this he has amassed a collection of between 2500 and 3000 pairs of vintage denim which is constantly growing because he and his team shop vintage at least once a week. The Citizens of Humanity Premium Vintage Collection is a high end, limited run of 20 styles that replicate the jeans that some women trawl the thrift shops to find.

This vintage inspired collection of jeans, jackets and shorts many of which feature a relaxed fit and higher waist when compared to modern denim channel Mr Dahan’s favourite looks from the 1940s through to the 1990s. What makes them a better product is that they are produced with modern fabrics and hand-finished in the brand’s Los Angeles factory, which allows for improvements of the original designs. Jeans from the 80s are slightly uncomfortable due to a combination of having a high waist and stiff fabric. Citizens of Humanity’s version is easier to wear because its made in denim with a hint of stretch and a cut that makes  for a slightly more forgiving fit.



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